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Ban Ki-Moon's "Pragmatic" diplomacy: Burnt Offering Diplomacy

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

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United States, Russia, China and Japan as part of diplomacy


A Burnt Offering as Sunshine Policy at the UN - The Hidden Part of the Sunshine Policy

“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-Moon (incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.) Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges

President Kim Dae-Jung —who even committed bio-terrorism after being awarded the Nobel Prize— did not want to miss the chance to suppress the evidence of his political terror activities.

Under President Kim Dae-Jung, you did not hesitated to employ terrifying methods such as clandestine use of drugs, torture, hostage death threats —using my family as hostage, bio-terrorism, fabrication of pro-Kim Jung-il anti-American communist and anti-Kim Jung-il pro-American extreme right-winger and numerous attempts to kidnap and murder in European Union.

Certain agents attempted to instill Nazi ideas and philosophies in their target. I still do not know why certain agents tried to inculcate me with ideas and philosophies that facilitated World War II and its philosophical basis. Why did those agents try to make me become a Nazi sympathizer? UN Secretary General Ban and President Kim have to answer this immediately!

Principle IV, The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him. Nuremberg

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Oh, Young-Whan, Dec. 1997 Counsellor, Korean Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium and Korean Permanent Mission to the European Union in Brussels, Aug. 2007 Consul-General, Korean Consulate General in Osaka, Japan Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from terrorists' vacations, public events.

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